Kelly Clarkson Files Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker

Kelly Clarkson has requested a restraining order for a woman who she claims made numerous uninvited visits to her home. Clarkson, 40, recently contacted the LAPD to get involved since mysterious gifts were left on her property in the past month. TMZ reported that the department's Threat Management division is investigating the matter. The TV show host is now seeking a restraining order to protect her son, daughter, house manager, and nanny. As per documents obtained by The Blast, "All of these individuals either live with me or spend a significant amount of time at my home and outside of the home. In addition, all of these individuals spend a significant amount of time with me when I am at the office, on television and/or film sets, recording studios, and elsewhere."Clarkson is seeking a TRO against Huguette Nicole Young, 56, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. The American Idol winner denied knowing Young and said she was harassed between Oct. 26 and Dec. 6. She requested that the woman be kept at least the length of a football field away from her home, job, and children's school.

Ed McPherson, Clarkson's attorney, filed the documents, which claim the harassment began at the end of October. According to Michael Lopez, who has run her security for five years, Young has visited her home more than 18 times, often leaving her gifts and notes, TMZ reported. In a declaration from Lopez, obtained by The Blast, "On or about Oct. 26, 2022, I became aware of an individual who had left 11 certain items and a note, presumably for Ms. Brianne [Clarkson], at the front gate of Ms. Brianne's home."Lopez continued, "After that time, I have become aware of 17 additional occasions on which this individual returned to Ms. Brianne's property and either left other items purporting to be gifts, along with notes presumably to Ms. Brianne, or drove by Ms. Brianne's house. On each such occasion, including the first visit on Oct. 26, I reviewed video footage of this individual either on Ms. Brianne's property or driving by her property. On Nov. 21, 2022, at approximately 2:27 p.m., Ludwin Munoz, who also works in security for Ms. Brianne, confronted this individual and advised her that we had her on camera, that she was on private property and that we would like her to stop coming to the property."

"He told her three separate times that she was trespassing. She apologized, and told him that she understood. However, she returned to, or drove by, the property on twelve separate occasions after the warning." Lopez kept track of when Clarkson's home was visited, along with the dates and times, and if the security camera captured video or still images. According to The Blast's documents, "On each such occasion, this individual either walked up to the house or drove a Mazda Tribute SUV, with Oregon license plate. Her visit on Dec. 5, 2022, at 5:08 p.m. is particularly troublesome, as she appears to be following Ms. Brianne's children, who were coming home in a car with their nanny." Young left various items on Kelly's porch, including dog toys, stickers, plants, and seeds, Lopez said. Legal documents allege another security guard warned Young she was trespassing once, and she apologized but kept coming back to the house after the warning. TMZ reported that a judge granted Kelly Clarkson a temporary restraining order pending a hearing later this month.