Kathy Griffin Accuses Andy Cohen of Drug Use, Harassment

Kathy Griffin shared a 17-minute video blasting numerous Bravo execs on Saturday, and talk show host Andy Cohen was one of the targets.

The clip, which also targeted TMZ founder Harvey Levin, was made in response to Cohen pretending he didn't know Griffin in a recent TMZ clip. Cohen and Griffin worked together at Bravo for a decade, and Cohen replaced her as the co-host for CNN's New Year's Eve celebration.

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In the video, the comedian lays out one of the reasons why she isn't a fan of Cohen, who was a Bravo executive for many years before he became an on-camera mainstay.

She described him as a "miserable boss" who, like Levin, "lives to take women down." She contributed some of her Bravo projects' cancellations to Cohen, who she saw as wanting to take her place as the channel's biggest personality.

She then cleared up why she doesn't go on Cohen's talk show, Watch What Happens Live, anymore and accused the talk show host of offering her cocaine before filming her early appearances on the program.

"If he's gonna go for me, I've got to be honest," she said. "I get tweets sometimes, and they're from fans who don't understand that I have a problem with Andy and that he really harassed me and treated me really poorly...I've never said this before, but both times I've been on the show, right before we went live, Andy Cohen privately asked me, in an office in Embassy Row, if I wanted to do blow.

"I've never had a drink in my life. You guys know I'm no prude, but I'm kind of a straight edge. I thought he was kidding the first time....The second time I do [WWHL], the same thing happens."

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She then doubled down on her claim, saying that despite what he may say, it was a serious offer.


"He's gonna say he was kidding and everything," Griffin said. "No, he was asking me to do cocaine with him. That made me very uncomfortable...That's why I don't do that show. I thought that was weird. I don't know why he gets away with that."

Elsewhere in the clip, Griffin gave out Levin's phone number, named numerous Bravo execs she felt wronged her and revealed she's been detained at every airport she visits because of the infamous Trump photo she posed for.