Kate Hudson Weighs in on Matthew McConaughey's Potential Run for Texas Governor

Kate Hudson couldn't contain her shock to learn that frequent co-star Matthew McConaughey [...]

Kate Hudson couldn't contain her shock to learn that frequent co-star Matthew McConaughey considering a run for governor of Texas. The actress, who starred alongside McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Fool's Gold, learned about his potential political aspirations during Thursday's episode of Rob Lowe's podcast Literally!. When the St. Elmo's Fire actor asked Hudson if she had plans to help McConaughey with his campaign if he did decide to throw his name in the governor race, she was shocked silent for several moments.

"That was a long pause," Lowe said of her response. "Can I just say for the record, that was a very long pause?" Grabbing a sip of her drink and taking a moment, Hudson responded, "I have not heard this. This is the first I'm hearing of McConaughey getting into politics." Calling her frequent collaborator a "really interesting guy," she continued, "Honestly, if he does want to get into politics, I believe that Matthew, you probably wouldn't get a politician who would care as much as he does, you know? I think he's very authentic in how much heart, um, but the governor of Texas is a big job. I mean, is that what we're talking about? The governor of Texas? ... Oh, wow."

Lowe joked, "If he doesn't use 'Alright, alright, alright' as a bumper sticker, then everybody on that staff needs to be fired!" to which Hudson responded with a laugh, "I think he'd encourage that. But I actually feel like he'd have a real chance." It was then that Lowe relayed the latest poll results that have McConaughey coming in at 45% as opposed to incumbent Gov. Greg Abbott's 33%, according to the Dallas Morning News. Hudson seemed speechless again, telling Lowe, "Wait, Rob, sorry, this is really shocking to me. This is how out of it I am."

Explaining that she has been trying to stay offline recently, Hudson said she had "clearly" missed the news. Asked what she thinks of the idea in general, she responded, "I think it's interesting. I don't know enough about it and I don't know enough about the platform he'd be running on," adding of the possible future governor, "He is who he is, through and through."

McConaughey opened up in March about possibly entering the political realm on The Balanced Voice, calling the possibility "a true consideration." He said at the time, "I'm looking into now again, 'what is my leadership role?' Because I do think I have some things to teach and share. What is my role, what is my category in my next chapter of life that I'm going into now?"