Julia Fox's Dad and Brother Reportedly Arrested for Ghost Guns, Drug-Making Materials

Julia Fox's dad and brother are in trouble with the law. The two were arrested on March 8 after having their Manhattan apartment raided. Police found ghost guns and evidence of narcotics manufacturing. The raid took place early in the morning, around 6 a.m. Ghost guns — which are guns without traceable serial numbers that are often sold piecemeal — were recovered at the scene. 3D-printed parts like lower receivers, 3D printers, and polymer material were also recovered. Per The New York Post, police also found unidentified pills, a pill press, pressure cookers, fentanyl, chloroform, heroin, propane, formaldehyde, and materials often used to make explosives. Also taken during the riad were thousands of dollars worth of high-end wine bottles mixed in with the contraband. They are both expected to face charges, which are said to be still pending. As for what caused the raid, investigators were tipped off from suspicious online purchases that were delivered to the residence.

The NYPD confirmed the raid took place at the apartment of Christopher and Thomas Fox lived. Both were taken into custody. "The NYPD's Ghost Gun Team seized several ghost gun parts as well as equipment for pressing narcotics pills," a spokesperson said, per the report. "Team members also discovered materials typically used as components in explosives, including pressure cookers and various chemicals, which can also be used for manufacturing narcotics." The chemicals were determined to be non-hazardous. The father and son duo do not have a prior criminal record.

"At this time, the matter is believed to be contained, with no apparent nexus to terrorism," the spokesperson added. "The NYPD will continue to fight relentlessly against illegal guns — against both the steady proliferation of traditionally-manufactured firearms and the increasingly prevalent numbers of illegal, untraceable but fully functioning weapons known as ghost guns."

Julia, an actress and model who starred in Uncut Gems, gained widespread attention last year for her whirlwind romance with Kanye West. The two began dating in January. Within three months, the relationship was over. But they made plenty of tongue-swapping headlines in between.