Josh Gad Details His Thoughts on Olaf Spinoff Amid 'Frozen' Franchise Success (Exclusive)

Frozen took the world by storm when it released in 2013, and along with sisters Anna and Elsa, their sweet friend Olaf has also become a fan-favorite. Six years later, fans had their fill with even more from their favorite characters when Frozen II came out — but throughout the last eight years, Frozen fans can't seem to get enough of Olaf. In an exclusive interview with, the voice behind the beloved little snowman, Josh Gad, opened up about whether he would be up for an Olaf spinoff, and whether he thinks there will be a Frozen III!

"Probably not," Gad said without hesitation on whether he would be up for a spinoff that solely focused on Olaf. "And I'll tell you why: I feel like Olaf really is a part of the fabric of the actual series that include Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, etc. And to me, separating him from that group doesn't necessarily feel warranted and doesn't necessarily feel earned. Having said that, the one thing I had publicly said I would do is I would do some series that would allow Olaf to recap other films like he does in Frozen II. That is something I would do."

Rightfully so and humbly said, Gad made it clear that his character just wouldn't be the same without the rest of the Disney film's characters. As for another film that would turn the franchise into a trilogy, Gad isn't quite sure if it will happen or not. "Wouldn't that be a great, non-sequitur, just amazing announcement to make! I don't know. I mean, here's the deal. Frozen II wasn't Frozen II until there was a reason to exist. And similarly, I don't know if and when there will be a Frozen III," he explained.

"That's way above my pay grade, but what I can tell you is this: There was an opportunity to take these characters and bring again a sense of hope and inspiration," he continued. "And it's why the team at Disney and I teamed up on the past couple of weeks to do At Home with Olaf [...] And so the Frozen saga continues, even if it's not necessarily in the form of a third movie. But we'll see! If there's always a story worth telling, I'm sure that Jennifer Lee and the incredible team over at Disney animation will tell that story one day."

While there's no doubt that the Frozen franchise has made a positive impact on fans everywhere, Gad is also making an impression via his generosity. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic that swept through the world one country at a time, Gad wanted to find ways to help out in any way that he could. So, he created his YouTube series Reunited Apart, and over the weekend, during his Lord of the Rings episode he announced he would be teaming up with Cheerios as they've donate $1.3 million to the charity "No Kid Hungry" — a national campaign designed to help put an end to childhood hunger in America.


"Well, frankly, I think we've done a great job at raising money," he detailed about his YouTube series — since it was started to help raise funds for families who have suffered from the pandemic, and to bring a little laughter inside the homes of many. "But I'm selfish, and I'm needy, and I'm not satisfied. And so despite $20,000 here and $30,000 there, I was so desperate to make a bigger breakthrough." He expressed his excitement when Cheerios wanted to partner for a greater good. "This service, this charity, this incredible opportunity to make sure that every child is given the one thing they need, which is sustenance to survive. That feels like a worthy endeavor, and I was so blown away that Cheerios was so willing to make such a big impact, and I hope and pray that with that impact, it inspires many like-minded individuals to do the same as I know it's going to do in the Gad household," the actor expressed. Fans can help Gad by visiting to make a donation.