Johnny Depp’s New Frail Look Is Reportedly 'Deliberate'

Fans worried about Johnny Depp's gaunt appearance as of late may be comforted — or concerned — by the fact that it's reportedly a deliberate look.

Photos of the 54-year-old have surfaced that show him appearing tired and thinner than usual while on tour with his band, Hollywood Vampires. But a source told E! News that Depp is actually "healthy" and that "there is no reason to be concerned."

(Photo: Instagram / @violet_loveit)

Another source close to Depp told HollywoodLife that the intentional look is his "rock star look."

"Everything he does is a role and again he is stressing to friends and band mates that this is how he wants to look for the band. It's his rock star look. It's also his homage to one of his idols Keith Richards," the source said. "So friends and band mates are monitoring it for sure and they are also going as far as to poke fun at him as well."

The insider continued, "There is actual serious concern but they are all telling him that he is becoming The Invisible Man which ironically is something that Johnny is about to play in the near future. So it is a bother with his buddies but not to Johnny at all."

(Photo: Instagram / @nadezdashestakova)

Last week, photos of Depp posing with fans at the Four Seasons hotel in St. Petersburg, Russia surfaced on social media, causing concern among fans online. Monday, another photo from Russia surfaced, showing him in a baggy striped shirt standing next to a fan. He also appeared pale in some concert videos shared by fans.

Various sources have reassured multiple media outlets, like the Daily Mail and PEOPLE, that Depp is in "good health" and that fans shouldn't be worried about him.

Depp is on the European leg of his tour with Hollywood Vampires, his superstar band with Alice Cooper and Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry.

Cooper recently praised Depp's ability on the guitar in an interview with Evening Standard.

"He's not new to playing on stage — people are going to be very surprised when they hear him play because they know him as Jack Sparrow," Cooper said. "When they see a guitar in this band they're going to say, 'Wait a minute. I didn't have any idea he could play like that.'"

"He's a real guitar player," he added. "I wouldn't be working with anybody that wasn't as good as anybody I've worked with normally."


Meanwhile, Depp is embroiled in a legal battle against British tabloid The Sun, columnist Dan Wootton and publisher News Group Newspapers Limited, with Depp reportedly suing over a story that called him a "wife beater."

Depp is seeking £200,000 ($266,270), £10,528 ($14,016.45) and damages, according to PEOPLE. He also wants the tabloid to stop publishing allegations of spousal abuse against him.