John Mulaney Thanks Seth Meyers for Intervention in First Post-Rehab Interview

John Mulaney gave his first post-rehab interview to Late Night with Seth Meyers, and during it he thanked the host for helping stage his intervention. Mulany and Meyers have been friends and co-workers for many years, having worked together on Saturday Night Live and Late Night. On Tuesday, Mulaney sat down with Meyers and had a very candid and humorous conversation about his life over the past year, including when a group of those closest to him surprised the comedian with an intervention, eventually telling Meyers that he was grateful to the host and the others for caring that much about him, even if, at the moment it happened, he was not happy.

"When I opened the door, I knew right away it was an intervention," Mulaney recalled. "That's how bad of a drug problem I had, that when I opened the door and saw people I went, 'This is probably an intervention.'" Mulaney shared that he's struggled with cocaine addiction, and has gotten clean then fallen "off the wagon" multiple times. "So you were the first person I saw as I walked through the doorway where I knew this was an intervention," Mulaney went on to remember, then noting the exact moment he realized he'd been tricked into an intervention. "So, 'I'm going to dinner with a friend from college, going to dinner with a friend from college, going to dinner with a friend from college, what's Seth Meyers doing here? F—! F—!'"

The emotional gathering apparently included a number of Mulaney's famous friends, as he described it as being "like a We Are The World of alternative comedians over the age of 40. So many funny people and no one did bits the entire time." Mulany and Meyer also discussed their fellow SNL alum Fred Armisen being part of the intervention, with Meyers saying, "I think you know the gravity of the situation when Fred Armisen is not doing a bit."

Mulaney also briefly mentioned his former wife, Anna Marie Tendler, when discussing what all he'd been through over the past year. "I went to rehab in September, I got out in October, I moved out of my home from my ex-wife," he said. Next, Mulaney spoke publically about his new relationship with actress Olivia Munn. "Then in the spring I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia," the comedian said, finally revealing that Munn is currently pregnant. "I got into this relationship that's been really beautiful with someone incredible, and we're having a baby together."