Jim Acosta Rumored to Exit CNN, But Here's the Truth

The shifting landscape at CNN continues to spark rumors of more exits. Several major names have been let go from the 24-hour news network in recent months, part of the merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery. This includes Brian Stelter, who was let go abruptly at the end of summer.

Recently Don Lemon was the latest to feel the change, losing his primetime show in a move to mornings. Now, according to The Wrap, rumors are continuing to swirl about Jim Acosta exiting the network.

According to The Wrap, News Cycle Media's president Jon Nicosia tweeted about a scoop coming from CNN related to another big exit. He later added the identity of the departure in a later tweet, alleging it was Acosta.

Lemon and Acosta were both originally reported to be staying on board the new CNN as it shifted to a more "middle ground" format, distancing itself from the years of reporting criticized by right-wingers as left-wing rubbish. Still, Acosta's rumored exit was quickly denied explicitly.

According to Mediaite, the rumors about Acosta are "absolute bulls-" and Acosta remained safe in his spot with the network. There was a hint of a possible timeslot move for Acosta, in-line with Lemon's move and Jake Tapper's shift into prime time. The Wrap also confirmed the denial, with a source close to CEO and chairman Chris Licht maintaining the decision.


The denial sparked a response from Nicosia, standing by his initial reporting. "The PR folks at CNN will defend to the end as they did Stelter," he wrote. "Try to find a negative post about CNN on this site in the last 5 yrs."

The shifts at CNN with Licht's push for a more "centrist" CNN away from inflammatory language about Donald Trump or members of the GOP. He also reportedly wanted staff and reporters to stop using the term "The Big Lie" when referring to Donald Trump, Jan. 6th and any claims that the election was stolen and rigged.