Don Lemon's CNN Fate Revealed

CNN has been shaken by major changes since the merger of its parent company Warner Bros Discovery. Brian Stelter's exit came after the cancellation his Sunday morning show, Reliable Sources. Following the split, CNN's CEO Chris Licht told staffers in an editorial meeting that more changes are coming. Deadline reports that Licht told staffers: "There will be moves you may not agree with or understand. I want to acknowledge to everyone that this is a time of change. I know that it is unsettling." He also spoke of irritation over some media reports about the company's plans, promising staff that the reports are assumptions. Licht says a handful of trusted executives are aware of the plans. It doesn't make many staffers feel secure about the future of their jobs. But luckily, a CNN favorite is set to stay. The Wrap reports that Don Lemon isn't going anywhere, at least any time soon.

Lemon has been very opinionated and politically progressive in his slot. He holds nothing back when discussing his views on the Black Lives Matter movement, the Trump administration, or the recent decision of the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade. Also staying, is Jim Acosta, the chief domestic correspondent. He remains a hot topic due to constantly being trolled on Fox News.  

Warner Bros. Discovery sources have not been advised of a plan to eliminate either Lemon or Acosta. A spokeswoman for CNN declined to comment on Lemon and Acosta in a statement to The Wrap.  But one insider told TheWrap that Licht wants a more neutral voice as a news platform — one that's less associated with a left-wing lens. 


"It's not a good brand position to be the opposite of Fox News," said source said. "He wants to be tough and no bulls—, but not affiliated with a side. It's fair to say he doesn't like the CNN vs. Fox thing."