Jessica Simpson's Rep Shoots Down 'Ridiculous' Story About Singer's Spending

Chalk this Jessica Simpson rumor up to another bizarre tabloid story.

After RadarOnline claimed that the singer spend $100,000 a month getting food delivered to her house via the Postmates app, a rep for Simpson told Gossip Cop that the report is "ridiculous."

The original Radar report quoted an alleged anonymous insider who said Simpson has become too lazy to leave her house for almost anything, let alone grocery shopping.

They added that she "feels like her acting career over, she's aged out of Hollywood, and too fat."

Simpson's husband Eric Johnson was also named in the original story, with the alleged insider saying all the couple does is sit around "eating and drinking" together.

"They rarely leave their huge mansion. And have everything delivered, no matter what it is!" they added.

But in addition to being "ridiculous," Simpson's rep told Gossip Cop the rumor doesn't even make sense, as the singer "has a chef."

Simpson is definitely not lazing around her mansion either, especially not with two young kids. Her social media is also filled with photos of her and her family getting out and getting active.

In 2015, she opened up to PEOPLE about keeping fit.

"Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to me, and fitness has been a priority in my life since having my kids," Simpson said at the time.

"I walk three miles a day," she continued, adding, "Eric and I love taking the kids out for long walks in the neighborhood. And chasing them around our yard is a workout all its own!"

She also hits it hard in the gym. Her routine there? "A lot of walking, squats and uphill lunges as well as isolated resistance exercises with bands, kettlebells and the BOSU [ball], keep my legs toned and lean."

Simpson and Johnson also are clearly burning some calories in the bedroom.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, when asked how she maintains her stellar sense of confidence, Simpson answered succinctly, "Sex."


Glad we cleared that one up!

Photo credit: Instagram/Jessica Simpson