Jennifer Garner Gets the Meme Treatment With Shocked Oscars Face

Jennifer Garner attended the 2018 Academy Awards on Sunday night in Los Angeles, and during the ceremony, cameras caught the actress making what appears to be a horrified expression amid a moment of clapping.

Things were going smoothly when Garner suddenly stopped clapping, appearing dismayed at something that was happening off-screen, despite her fellow attendees around her continuing to clap.

Once the moment was noticed by Twitter, things quickly took off, with the actress's expression becoming the perfect meme for those moments when you realize something of great importance.

"What realization did Jennifer Garner just come to?" one person tweeted along with a video of Garner's reaction.

Twitter was quick to answer the query, with several people offering their own opinions on what, exactly, Garner was thinking in the moment.

Another person made a joke about Garner's partnership with Capital One, writing, "Somebody didn't switch to the venture card."

“Probably realized she left the curling iron on,” wrote another.

There were also several Ben Affleck/Batman jokes.


Garner was on-hand at the awards to introduce Eddie Vedder’s performance, but her meme-able expression was the clear winner of the evening. Ahead of the show, the actress also made waves with her cobalt blue Versace gown, with many on social media gushing over the gorgeous look.

Photo Credit: Getty / Christopher Polk