Jennifer Aniston Reveals Sweet Meaning Behind '11 11' Tattoo

Jennifer Aniston usually conceals any ink on her body but in celebration for her best friend, [...]

Jennifer Aniston usually conceals any ink on her body but in celebration for her best friend, Andrea Bendewald, she revealed the special meaning behind the "11 11" tattoo she has on her wrist. In a series of photos she posted to her Instagram story, Aniston shared that her tattoo matches the same one that Bendewald has on her wrist as well that also reads "11 11."

"The number 11 is also special to her because of her birthday and [her dog] Norman," a source told PEOPLE in 2020, detailing that the actress is a "very spiritual person and believes that numbers are good luck. Her Welsh Corgie-Terrier died in 2011 and her birthday is Feb. 11.

Bendewalk is Aniston's "oldest friend" and actually appears alongside her best pal on The Morning Show as her character Alex Levy's makeup artist. To celebrate Aniston's birthday in 2018, Bendewald took to social media and shared sweet thoughts about her best friend on social media, described her as her "twin from another mother, soul sister of the ages." She added, "Friends since we were 14 and still growing and learning together. You make the world a better place and life so much more enjoyable and a fun ride. Grateful for you everyday and in every way."

While Aniston got a tattoo with her best friend, Whitney Cummings got a tattoo in Aniston's honor and revealed it to the public. To honor their friendship, she got an "I heart J" on the bottom of her foot and wasn't shy about showing it off. On her latest episode of Cummings' Good For You podcast, she invited her friend and influencer Hannah Stocking on to do the tattoo. "I want that on me!" Stocking said. "I will literally tattoo that on my forehead." Cummings added, "There's nothing I won't do for a laugh. I'm fully getting an 'I love Jennifer Aniston tattoo.'"

She then joked, "This is so dumb and I'm so into it," adding, "Jen's gonna see this." Cummings and Aniston have been longtime friends. In fact, the comedian attended the actress's wedding to ex-husband Justin Theroux in 2015.

Fans have eagerly been waiting for a Friends reunion that was supposed to take place in 2020, however, due to the pandemic, it was put on hold. Those behind the scenes who are putting the highly anticipated reunion together say they want to do it the right way by having a live audience and not being forced to shoot everything through Zoom.