Jenna Jameson Sets Comments Section on Fire With Dramatic Transformation Photo

Jenna Jameson recently shared side-by-side photos that show off her dramatic physical transformation, and the snapshots have set her comments section on fire. The first photo appears to be from shortly after she gave birth to her youngest child, and the second photo is likely a more current image. Jameson's fans and followers have since begun showering the former adult film star with compliments.

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"You know what? There’s beauty in each pic. Both are beautiful," one person wrote.

"You are such an inspiration. You have been through so much in life, now you are using that to help others," another user commented.

"You’re such an inspiration!!! Good for you, hun!!! You look amazing!" someone else gushed.

Jameson used the caption on her post to share some healthy living tips specifically related to her Keto diet.

"The number one question I get asked is 'How do I start a #keto lifestyle.' Tip 1 - clean out your refrigerator and cupboards, get rid of everything processed, high in carbohydrates, high in sugar (remember there are many different names for sugar, namely high fructose corn syrup)," she wrote.

In her second tip, Jameson encourages fans to "go shopping."

"This is the fun part! My number one recommendation for grocery shopping is to shop the perimeter and not the isles. Green leafy veggies, grass fed steaks, wild salmon," she recommended. "Eggs and real butter are your friend," she continued. "Tip 3- discuss your lifestyle change with your household and get them on board! You all can benefit from it! I usually make a side of brown rice or pasta for my toddler. If your significant other doesn’t want to participate, ask them to respect your wants and needs and to not try to break your willpower.

In her fourth tip, she admitted it was important to "have a sunny outlook."


"This shouldn’t be torture. Focus on how you’re now treating your body right and be proud! 5- be in it for the long haul. Keto is sustainable and will benefit your mind as well as your physique. 6- Follow fellow Keto kings and Queens on IG. My favorite is [keto guide]," she wrote. "7. Be patient... everyone’s body reacts differently. I lost my first 40 lbs ultra quick then plateaued and had to begin #intermittentfasting to break that wall."

She eventually concluded her caption with a few more "tips," adding for the eighth tip, "Don’t fear the [Keto flu], drink plenty of electrolytes, salt your food and get rest! 9. Google is your friend! If you are wondering about carb content... it’s a quick google away. 10. Always... always read labels! You’ll be surprised how many products hide potato starch."