Jamie Lynn Spears Claims 'Zoey 101' Didn't End Because of Her Pregnancy

More than a decade after it ended, Jamie Lynn Spears is addressing rumors that Zoey 101 concluded because of her first pregnancy.

The Nickelodeon alum took to Instagram last week to mark the 14th anniversary of the series’ premiere, sharing a video of the show’s opening credits before taking a trip down memory lane and addressing speculation that Zoey 101 stopped airing because of her pregnancy.

“Are you ready? 14 years later…still a jam,” she captioned the post, adding the hashtags "#itdidNOTendbecauseofpregnancy" and "#contractwasfinished."

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Are you ready? 14 years later...still a jam... • • • #itdidNOTendbecauseofpregnancy #contractwasfinished

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Spears’ hashtag on the video last week was soon pointed out by a number of followers in the comments section.

“Oh wow you didn’t quit because you were pregnant, you waited this long tell us,” one fan wrote.

“Nope,” Spears replied. “I went home to finish high school and was going to pursue movies.”

Another fan questioned whether her pregnancy inadvertently led to the show’s cancellation, writing “would contract have been extended if not for pregnancy?” Spears replied with “no.”

Spears, who led the series as teenager Zoey Brooks, became pregnant with her first child, Maddie, with then-boyfriend Casey Aldridge shortly after Zoey 101 wrapped its fourth season. The series did not return for a fifth season, something that was soon credited to Spears’ teenage pregnancy.

Speaking about her pregnancy in 2016, Spears admitted that the time was difficult and scary. She also revealed that she partly felt responsible for Zoey 101’s sudden end.

“I think that for me, my biggest concern was, ‘Oh my goodness, I need to tell my mother and my father and my family,’” she told PEOPLE. “And that was extremely important to me. And also I was on a Nickelodeon show, so I felt responsible for what these young girls were going to think looking up to me. And, although Zoey was completely wrapped, they still hadn’t aired the final episodes. So for me, I felt very responsible.”


Since its final episode aired on May 2, 2008, just a month before Maddie’s birth, fans gave frequently commented on the show’s ending and Spears’ pregnancy, and have even called for a reunion.

During her reminiscing last week, Spears even teased a reunion, asking fans “I'm just curious, how many of you would watch a reunion/reboot of Zoey?" The poll racked in a 96 percent vote for yes.