Jamie Foxx Fans 'Disappointed' by His Reaction to Ellen DeGeneres, George W. Bush Controversy

Fans are slamming actor Jamie Foxx after he came to the support of talk show host Ellen DeGeneres amid her growing controversy involving George W Bush. After DeGeneres addressed the backlash, stemming from her sitting next to the former president at an NFL game, on the Tuesday episode of her daytime talk show, Foxx responded to the statements with praise.

“Thank [you] very much for that!!!!” he wrote, echoing the words of several other celebrities who have voiced their support. “Soooo needed and Necessary.”

His public support for DeGeneres did not sit well with many, however, with Foxx’s statement soon gathering dozens of negative responses, many calling his opinion “disappointing.”

“So disappointed in your defense of her support this war criminal. But celebrities have no ethics,” one person wrote, sharing an opinion that the widespread willingness of celebrities showing their support is evidence of class solidarity and privilege.

“Thank you for supporting war crimes and the economic decimation cause by policies that benefitted banks over people,” wrote a second, referencing the many things with Bush’s presidency that people have taken issue with.

“So necessary to whitewash the dark past of a war criminal because ‘tRumP bAd hURrDurr’?” commented another. “This man is responsible for putting us in Iraq which led to over a million deaths and is responsible for torture... Are you uninformed or do you just not care?”

“Yeah, we really needed that message. Extra relevant to regular folks,” a fourth sarcastically commented. “I cant wait to forge my friendship with war criminals.

Another person added that “the Elites have spoken!” while a sixth commented that “Bush caused unimaginable suffering from Iraq to New Orleans. Shame on you.” Another suggested that those like Foxx must have “Amnesia of this mans war crimes.”


While DeGeneres and many celebrities have seemingly brushed off the backlash, siding with the talk show host’s call for tolerance, critics have taken issue with the fact that DeGeneres, a gay woman, befriended a former POTUS who held anti-LGBT stances throughout his presidency and has been called a "war criminal" following his actions in the Iraq War.

Since her Tuesday statements, DeGeneres herself has not commented on the controversy, though Bush, via a statement from his spokesman, Freddy Ford, said that he “really enjoyed being with Ellen and Portia (de Rossi) and appreciated Ellen’s comments about respecting one another.”