Jamie Foxx Defends Jimmy Fallon 'SNL' Blackface Sketch: 'This One Is a Stretch'

Jamie Foxx is coming to Jimmy Fallon's defense after the Tonight Show host was criticized online [...]

Jamie Foxx is coming to Jimmy Fallon's defense after the Tonight Show host was criticized online for a resurfaced 2000 Saturday Night Live skit in which he appeared in blackface while impersonating SNL alum Chris Rock. The sketch, which centered around a mock game show with Regis Philbin, played by Darrell Hammond, prompted #JimmyFallonIsOverParty to trend on Twitter while many demanded an apology for his actions.

Tuesday, Fallon tweeted an apology: "In 2000, while on SNL, I made a terrible decision to do an impersonation of Chris Rock while in blackface. There is no excuse for this," he wrote. "I am very sorry for making this unquestionably offensive decision and thank all of you for holding me accountable."

Foxx, however clearly doesn't think Fallon needed to show remorse, commenting under his Instagram apology, "Bro you ain't got to apologize for s—. You are a comedian... and a great one at that. You did an incredible impersonation of Chris Rock... It was not black face." Foxx then referenced his time on the Fox sketch show In Living Color, where "we did characters from every race." He continued, "You are all the way good. Keep doing you my friend! You are necessary!!" In another comment Foxx continued, "Some of y'all didn't even see the sketch... relax and laugh! It's Other muuuuphuckas out here that really don't care bout ya... use that energy for them!!! But leave my mans alone."

The Oscar winner reiterated his point on an E! News Instagram post, writing in the comments, "He was doing an impression of Chris Rock. It wasn't black face. We comedian I know it's a tough time right now. But this one is a stretch. On a show called in living color we played every race. Let this one go. We got bigger fish to fry ... #changecourse."

In the sketch, which is not available on NBC's website or any official accounts related to SNL, Fallon as Rock tells Hammond as Philbin that there are "not a lot of black folks" on Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?, which he suggested was because "black folks don't want to answer questions." Fallon then asked, "Regis, do you think the only way to get a brother on the show is to name it, Who Wants $50 Cash and a Pair of Pumas?" NBC and SNL have yet to issue an official statement on the issue.