Irina Shayk Blasts Rumors She Has Had Plastic Surgery

Model Irina Shayk opened up about plastic surgery during an interview with Harper's Bazaar, [...]

Model Irina Shayk opened up about plastic surgery during an interview with Harper's Bazaar, revealing that despite speculation, she has not had lip injections.

"If I read [a headline] and it's like, 'She had injections, her lips look like dumplings,' I just laugh because it just makes me, I don't want to say it makes me happy, but I think in this life you have to have a sense of humor," she explained. "With everything that's going on in the world, you have to take it easy. Some people are going to love you, some people are going to hate you. It doesn't really disturb my life."

While Shayk herself hasn't had any assistance with plumping her pout, the 33-year-old isn't judging anyone who decides to go under the knife.

"Look, if somebody wants to inject their lips because they feel bad, God bless them. I don't judge anyone," she said. "I always promote natural beauty because I think we live in this perfect world where everyone wants to be perfect. But I'm not perfect. Sometimes I have a double chin. Perfection doesn't exist."

"I'm not this stiff model who sits there and wants to look perfect," she added. "I'm not perfect. I have bad skin days and bad hair days. Sometimes I don't look like a model. I'm just a real human being."

Shayk also discussed the aging process, which she noted will happen to everyone, no matter what.

"I'm going to have wrinkles and I have wrinkles," she said. "You just have to accept the idea of aging and of bodies at every stage, and just celebrate it. In life, we have to let it go and understand it's a human process not to be perfect."

While she credits her glowing skin to genes, facial workouts and avoiding alcohol and smoking, the mom of one does have one vice, admitting, "I freaking love tanning."

"I always jokingly say that 'If you can't tone it, tan it,' because when you tan, you'll just feel better," she added. "But stay away from the sun!"

The interview was conducted before Shayk's split with Bradley Cooper, which has resulted in even more media attention on the Russian-born model.

"I think it's just human beings: if you cannot have it, you want to have it," she mused of the public fascination with her private life. "There's a curtain there, you want to open the curtain. It's curiosity I guess."

Photo Credit: Getty / Jared Siskin