Iggy Azalea Poses Completely Nude in New Stilettos Photos

Iggy Azalea has shared a number of sizzling photos on Instagram lately, with a brand new set seeing the rapper pose completely nude while wearing stilettos.

(Photo: Iggy Azalea / Instagram)

In the photos, Azalea is crouched down and posed so as to hide anything too sensitive for Instagram's community rules.

The photos feature the star sporting two different pairs of high heels. One pair is white and the other black, with Azalea sporting both with socks.

(Photo: Iggy Azalea / Instagram)

A number of Azalea's fans have commented on the skin-baring photos, with one saying that she is "looking like a super model" lately, and another calling her "an actual goddess."

While her modeling photos are certainly compelling, Azalea's true passion is music, as evident by the many chart-topping singles she's released throughout the years.

Recently, the Australian native parted ways with Def Jam records, a fact which she opened up about in a March 2018 Billboard interview.

"They were being very supportive and doing the best that they could do, but creatively, I don't think we were able to understand what it was that I was trying to do moving forward, and I felt a little bit like what they would've loved to do is recreate The New Classic," Azalea said of walking away from the record label. "And I get that, from a business perspective.

"The only pressure was to keep making pop music when I wanted to get back [to] recording," she added. "I said 'I don't want to make pop music.' I remember sitting there saying to somebody with the label, whose name I won't mention, 'I don't want to make music for your 10-year-old daughter anymore.' "

"I love seeing 8-year-olds with their dad in [my] crowds, at their first concert," Azalea went on to clarify. "But there needs to be a balance. I'm angry at that time, and I'm frustrated. I have all these things I want to say and they're very aggressive."

Azalea went on to express that she wishes "there was more of an infrastructure within the music industry to make sure that the artists have people they can go to," similar to how physical therapists work in sports.


"The teams have people looking out for [players], that make sure they're okay in every element, and the music business doesn't have that — they just throw you out there," she explained. "You get used to it and you're still successful, but it's a lot to deal with."

To date, Azalea has only released one full-length album, 2014s The New Classic, with her most recent single being the track "Savior" — a collaboration with Quavo of rap trio Migos — which dropped in January 2018.