Iggy Azalea Dazzles in Diamonds in Newly Posted Photos

Iggy Azalea is truly dazzling in a new photo set shared to Instagram that sees the rapper donning diamond jewelry.

In one of the photos, Azalea is posed with her hand on her face while wearing a diamond bracelet that connects to her middle finger.

Another photo depicts the "Fancy" rapper with a diamond earring hanging from her mouth as her blonde locks fall down around her face.

(Photo: Iggy Azalea / Instagram)

Many of Azalea's fans have commented on the new photos, with one person saying that she is "dripping in jewels."

"Love you Iggy! You're an inspiration to anyone who wants to come to America and make it here," another fan wrote.

(Photo: Iggy Azalea / Instagram)

While many of her fans have been supportive, a number of them have expressed curiosity over why Azalea hasn't put out new music lately.

She recently addressed this in a series of posts on Twitter, where she explained that she genuinely wants to put out new music, but is sharing the modeling photos in the meantime as a way of remaining engaged with her fans.

Azalea went on to say that the photos help her feel more "creative" and keep her "constantly thinking of new visual things...without needing permission."

This seems to imply that her hands are tied when it comes to putting out new music, but she has not stated that directly.

"I really care about music and all creative things in my life genuinely. I put my heart into it and I just want to say: thanks for supporting me in anyway genuinely," Azalea went on to say. "I'm grateful."


Lastly, Azalea admitted to struggling with "depression and anxiety," but is encouraged by the "messages" she gets from fans who support her and her music.