Iggy Azalea Boasts Skin-Tight Black Leather Look in Instagram Selfie

Iggy Azalea has expensive taste. The Australian rapper shared an Instagram post boasting about her wealth on Thursday and posing in a black leather jumpsuit.

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In the photo, Azalea donned a black shoulder-padded blazer over the jumpsuit and paired it with a large black hat and a tiny crystal-beaded clutch purse. In the background of the snapshot, which was taken in RuPaul's dressing room, was a large Céline handbag, which is worth over $2,000.

"I got in my bag..." she wrote on Instagram, lyrics to her latest single, "Started," which features the line: "Started from the bottom now I'm rich, I got in my bag and I ain't looked back since."

Fans took to the comments section of the post to gush over the 28-year-old's pricey look.

"That bag is probably worth more than my life," one Instagram user wrote.

"The small crystal hand bag or the big girl Celine?" another wrote with a heart-eyes emoji.

"PURSE FIRST," another said.

"This look just called me poor," someone else cracked.

While fans are quick to praise Azalea on social media, they were certainly just as quick to put her on blast earlier this month for spoiling Game of Thrones.

The "Fancy" singer shared a fan-made meme based on a clip from the music video for "Started," in which she cane seen opening the door for a guest, who kisses her on both cheeks before shouting, "Yes, he's dead!" In her caption, Azalea celebrated the Night King's death at the end of the Battle of Winterfell in season 8, episode 3 of the HBO series. By doing so, she revealed who'd done the deed before some of her followers were able to watch the episode.

Although she included a note to those she spoiled to "cry me a river," she eventually deleted the post. She even wrote that she hadn't spent nearly a decade watching Game of Thrones to not be able to talk about each episode immediately after it aired. She closed out her message with "suck a d—!", suggesting she was unfazed by those complaining.

"Iggy i luv ya gurl but I will never forgive you for this spoiler," one commenter wrote.

"Now i must unfollow u," another said.


Photo credit: Instagram / @thenewclassic