Hoda Kotb Makes Rare Admission About Love Life After Break up From Longtime Fiance Joel Schiffman

Things got unusually personal for Hoda Kotb on last Wednesday's episode of The Today Show. Kotb has been relatively private when it comes to her personal life since she broke up with her long-time partner Joel Schiffman earlier this year. Now, she seems ready to open up about the situation with her co-hosts and friends.

The personal touch came during a segment of Hoda & Jenna where the co-hosts talked astrology with author Jennifer Racioppi, who wrote the book Cosmic Health. Kotb, a Leo, looked over her birth chart with Racioppi and found her insights surprisingly poignant. Racioppi said: "2021 into 2022 was a deep clearing year, you've been asked to release anything that wasn't authentic for you, let it go."

It's not here to imagine how Kotb would have applied those statements to her love life. She gasped as Racioppi continued: "This next year for you is really a preparation, and 2023 is a landing for you. You're going to go through your second Saturn return, which is a spiritual moment for you where you really nail your purpose. There's a deeper iteration of your confidence, your ability to love, to be loved, but it's a divine love, it's a spiritual love."

Finally, the astrologist got specific, predicting that there would be romance coming Kotb's way soon. Kotb was pleased and confirmed that she would welcome some new romance in her life. She said: "Well, I really like my chart!"

Kotb and Schiffman began dating in 2013 and got engaged in 2019. Back in January of this year, Kotb announced on the show that she and Schiffman had ended their engagement. However, she said that they intended to continue co-parenting their two daughters as friends. Kotb turned 58 years old on Tuesday, and it was her first birthday without Schiffman in nearly a decade.

Still, Kotb seems to have taken the split in stride and has not lacked companionship. Her co-anchors have been enthusiastic about her birthday and her other personal highlights over the last year. Her birthday broadcast went well, and fans also posted their well-wishes for her on social media.

Hopefully, Racioppi is correct and Kotb can attract whatever she wants most – through astrological means or otherwise. The Today Show airs on weekdays at 7 a.m. ET on NBC.