Here's How Many Votes Kanye West Got in 2020 Election

The 2020 election result may not be known for several days, but at least one thing is known: Kanye West will not be moving into the People's House come January. After announcing over the summer that he was putting his name on the ballot, Americans are now getting their first look at how well West fared on his first presidential run.

According to an early Wednesday morning report from Deadline, West has received approximately 60,000 votes throughout the nation, with the official tally at 12:04 a.m. being 59,781. While that number will likely grow as votes continue to be counted, and West will likely surpass the 60,000 marks, it all but puts an end to his 2020 run. According to preliminary tallies by the AP per reports by, West did fare better in comparison to Green Party nominee Howie Hawkins, gaining more votes in five states. He had fewer votes than Libertarian Party nominee Jo Jorgensen in every state where he appeared on the ballot.

West received the most support from the Volunteer State of Tennessee, where he received more than 10,000 votes. The largest portion of those votes came from Davidson county, home of Nashville, where WZTV Nashville reports he tallied 2,590 votes. His next largest support came from Minnesota, where he received 7,783 votes. The rapper received more than a thousand votes in each state where he appeared on the ballot, with the tally as of 6:30 a.m. ET as follows: 4,040 votes in Arkansas; 6,210 in Colorado; 3,631 in Idaho; 3,197 in Iowa; 6,259 in Kentucky; 4,894 in Louisiana; 3,171 in Mississippi; 5,590 in Oklahoma; 10,216; 4,344 in Utah; and 1,264 in Vermont.

It is unclear how many votes he received in Wyoming, the state in which he voted for the first time. However, his vote will not count unless he files additional paperwork, with Wyoming secretary of state spokeswoman Monique Meese telling MarketWatch that such ballots are counted as "write-in votes" unless the candidate wins or files the necessary paperwork and pay a fee to the state. As of Tuesday, there had been no such filings.

Given the low number of votes, which is far lower than the current tallies of President Donald Trump and Joe Biden, who each have well over 60 million votes as of this posting, West has officially tapped out of the race. As the votes continued to be counted, the rapper conceded, writing in a since-deleted tweet, "welp." However, he is not taking his eyes off the Oval Office, as he has already announced his 2024 run.