Hailey Bieber Returns to Familiar Look in Hair Transformation

Hailey Bieber says, "short hair, don't care."

Hailey Bieber has a new look. The model has been trying out different hairstyles since the start of the new year and recently unveiled a sleek bob. Donning a bright orange, skin-tight outfit from Yves Saint Laurent, the 26-year-old model posed for a fun set of mirror selfies showing off different angles of her new cut. In a separate video shared to her Instagram post, she played with the chin-length hair as she smiled. Before choosing the look, she shared that "short = more fun [lollipop emojis]" in another post that gave a close-up of her hair when she previously cut it. Her hairstylist, Amanda Lee Capomaccio, was tagged in the post.

In a collection of photos of the model shared on her Instagram page, Capomaccio commented that she was "obsessed" with the hairstyle. In another post, Capomaccio wrote, "honestly this is my favorite hair we've maybe ever done [Hailey Bieber] ILYSM my short hair queeeeen [heart eyes emoji]."

Known for her evolving style, the supermodel has updated her brand. Last month, Bieber's brand Rhode launched a new collection that includes all five products from her line for the first time it was made available. Rhode is a skincare brand that releases products designed to nourish the skin.

Dazed Beauty spoke with the model about all things beauty. It was the first anniversary of the line. "I'm such a nerd about ingredients and products and I just have always been very committed to skincare and really committed to taking care of my skin," she said about skincare. "And it is a commitment – having a routine and having that ritual it takes time to figure out. I just love the way it makes me feel, at the end of the day, clean face feeling like a dewy little glazed doughnut. I just love it. I don't know what it does for my brain, I get like a serotonin boost."