Hailey Baldwin Debuts New Tattoo for Husband Justin Bieber

It's no secret Hailey Baldwin is a fan of body art, along with her husband Justin Bieber, and [...]

It's no secret Hailey Baldwin is a fan of body art, along with her husband Justin Bieber, and recently she got a new tattoo for her hubby. While she has some of the cutest tattoos, it seems like hand and finger ones are a favorite of hers. The 23-year-old just got a "J" on her ring finger and her tattoo artist who goes by Mr. K on social media, featured the new tat on his profile.

Over the years she's gotten matching tattoos with friends and family alike. In July 2015, she got her last name written on the inside of her middle finger along with her cousin Ireland Baldwin. She also got a broken heart that matched her gal pal Kendall Jenner's. The two also got another one together that spell out "pray" but the "pr" is written on the outside of Jenner's pointer finger and "ay" is on Baldwin's, so when the two make pray hands together their tattoos spell out the word according to Us Weekly. She also has several chic tattoos on her body from her neck, to behind her ear and on her ankle. They're sometimes hard to notice because they are so small and subtle, but fans sure love keeping up with her new body art.

Over the last several years, Bieber himself has tatted his body from his neck, to his chest, even his legs. The two recently just celebrated their second year anniversary together having said "I do" in Sept. 2018. They first eloped in New York then held a private ceremony one year later which had a number of A-list celebrities in attendance and since then have been very open about their marriage and relationship, including their sex life.

During a small performance at London's Indigo at The O2 in February, Bieber got candid about their sex life when one fan asked what he does on a normal day. "It just depends who I'm with," he said. "When I'm with my wife, we like to... You guys can guess what we do. It gets pretty crazy... that's pretty much all we do."