Glenn Close's 'Da Butt' Oscar Moment Earned a Phone Call From Spike Lee

Glenn Close won her first Oscar at this year's Academy Awards ceremony, but perhaps what made [...]

Glenn Close won her first Oscar at this year's Academy Awards ceremony, but perhaps what made bigger news was the dance she did before the show's final awards were announced. The Hillbilly Elegy star took over Lil Rel Howery's segment where he asked the stars in attendance to guess whether songs were Oscar-nominated. The comedian asked Close about the D.C. gogo band's famous song, which was featured in Spike Lee's School Daze. "Wait just a second! That's 'Da Butt.' I know that, 'Da Butt!' It was a classic song by the great Washington, D.C., go-go band E.U. -- shout-out to Sugar Bear and the whole backyard band," Close said, leaving the audience shocked. "I remember this -- Spike Lee had it written for his brilliant movie, School Daze. Sadly, my friends at the Oscars missed this one and it was not nominated so it couldn't win."

Close caught up with Entertainment Tonight following the scene-stealing dance moment, telling the outlet that the move also caught the attention of director Spike Lee. "Well, I know a lot more about them now and I was so touched by a lot of the press that came out about the man who wrote the song and the band and everything, and I mean, to me, that was a great revelation," she said. "Spike Lee and his family called me, you know, it just opened up I think something that people were really joyous about remembering and revisiting and I hope they have a comeback."

The new Oscar-winner also dished on her upcoming movie Four Good Days, which she stars in alongside Mila Kunis. Kunis plays a drug addict in the middle of recovery, Close portrays her tough-loving mother. "Well, I took this movie because of that first scene where a mother locks her daughter out of the house," Close shares. "It is so extreme and you think, 'Oh, I would never be able to do that.' But when you think of ... what their history was and how many times, you know, she maybe had enabled without realizing that she was enabling and it's just, it's love at its most difficult, you know?"