Glenn Close Dresses up as Homeless Donald Trump in Peculiar Voting PSA

Glenn Close combined worked an Election Day PSA into her Halloween post this year, and the results were startling. The acclaimed actress dressed up as "homeless Donald Trump" to urge her followers to vote the president out of the White House. The response was mixed, but there is no denying that Close made an impression just before the 2020 presidential election.

Close posted an album of 10 photos on Instagram showing off her homeless Donald Trump costume. She wore a tousled blond wig and caked on make-up, along with an over-sized black trench coat. In the photos, she had props as well — two bags of McDonald's food and a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke, referencing the president's controversial eating habits. Close captioned the creation with "HAPPY HALLOWEEN" followed by a string of voting hashtags.

"Everybody go home! Glenn wins Halloween!" one commenter declared. Another wrote: "No words... You're the best." A third person added: "You are way too funny! Those faces are priceless! I am still laughing! Happy Halloween!"

Close got many negative comments as well, all from outspoken supporters of the president. The 2020 presidential election may be one of the most divisive races in U.S. history, and according to a report by CBS News, the polls were only creeping closer together on Tuesday.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been leading in the polls for months now, but in the last few days before the election, Trump seemed to gain on him. On Tuesday, Biden's campaign manager, Jennifer O'Malley Dillon, explained the multiple battleground states and counties where the campaign is watching closely for an edge. She explained that there are "multiple pathways" to victory, not just one.


Whichever candidate can secure 270 votes from the electoral college will be declared the winner, but the results may not come as quickly as some hope. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many states have expanded mail-in voting this year, allowing voters to cast their ballot without risking infection. However, among those states, some have strict rules about when they can begin counting the absentee ballots.

Three swing states will not be able to begin counting absentee ballots until Election Day itself: Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. According to The Associated Press, it could take days or even weeks to know the election's actual winner depending on how close the races are in those states. With the arduous counting process underway, those who have voted can now only wait.