Ghislaine Maxwell Allegedly Had a Sexual Encounter With George Clooney

Ghislaine Maxwell was reportedly "giddy as a schoolgirl" after a sexual encounter with actor George Clooney according to Page Six. Quoting court documents received by the UK Sun, Maxwell gloated about Clooney to alleged victim Virginia Giuffre.

"One [time] she came back giddy as a schoolgirl with an explosion of news, with all the build up and excitement in her voice you'd think she was the next crown princess," Giuffre wrote in her book that was unsealed a week prior by a New York judge related to the case. "But she had given George Clooney a b–job in the bathroom at some random event...she never let that one down."

The manuscript, titled The Billionaire's Playboy Club, details many of Maxwell's alleged "lovers" and her different "rendezvous" around the globe. According to Page Six, the encounter with Clooney may have happened in 2001, with Maxwell reportedly boasting about it during a trip that included Giuffre's first meeting with Prince Andrew. This confirms a story from last year that ran in The Sun but doesn't confirm whether the incident actually occurred.

As Page Six notes, Clooney has not been connected to any underage sexual encounters or wrongdoing. He hasn't been connected to Jeffrey Epstein outside of the story reportedly being told by Maxwell.

The release is part of 2000 pages of evidence released since Maxwell's arrest at the start of July. Maxwell is allegedly the recruiter for former boyfriend Jeffrey Epstein who died in prison one year prior to Maxwell's arrest. The British socialite was denied bail during her first court appearance and appears to be emotionally frantic, leading many to assume she'll cut some deal with prosecutors.

According to prior reports, Maxwell allegedly cut ties with Epstein after his conviction for soliciting a minor for prostitution in 2008. Epstein served 13 months, but the pair attended functions after his release, though they were separate. However, her claims of no contact with Epstein were proven false after the release of documents and email exchanges, showing the couple spoke in 2015.

Maxwell is charged with six federal crimes. The charges include enticement of minors, sex trafficking, perjury and more. She also is accused of assisting and contributing to "abuse of underage girls" from 1994 until 1997.


Despite the evidence and shocking charges, Maxwell was still sent well wishes by former friend Donald Trump during a recent press conference. He doubled down on the well wishes during an Axios interview later that week.