George Lopez Continues to Crack Jokes as Fan Experiences Medical Emergency in Crowd

George Lopez's recent stand-up set proved to be quite the chaotic one. According to TMZ, an individual at Lopez's set at the Majestic Theatre in San Antonio, Texas, experienced distress in the midst of the event. While it did not seem as though he was fully aware of what was going on in the audience, some people are already criticizing how Lopez handled the matter, as he continued to make jokes during the situation. 

The incident began when a man, who is described as "mid-age," began to experience distress in the upper balcony level. Moments after he fell unconscious, others in the crowd sought out help. Once they were able to alert the staff to the situation, the man was carried out of the venue and taken away by ambulance. The San Antonio Fire Department later confirmed that the man regained consciousness and that he was in "stable" condition after seeking treatment. 

While the situation was going down in the upper level, the house lights were eventually turned on. However, Lopez's set appeared to continue as he could be heard cracking jokes on the stage level. He even incorporated the situation into his jokes, which didn't sit well with many of those in the audience. Lopez did stress, after a member of the audience yelled out to him, that he didn't know what was going on and that he couldn't see the commotion that was taking place in the upper level. 

Still, many thought that Lopez should have paused the set to make sure that everything was alright. An individual can even be heard saying that the comedian should have at least taken a "break" while the incident was taking place. Additionally, Lopez has come under fire for making light of the situation while it was going on, with some saying that it was inappropriate to do so at that time. TMZ noted that they reached out to the comedian's representatives for comment, but they have not heard back. 

The conversation surrounding an artist's responsibility to stop their show was sparked up recently after Travis Scott's disastrous Astroworld festival. During the festival, concert-goers surged the crowd and rushed towards the stage, leading to a deadly situation at the Houston-based event. Ten individuals have died following the tragic incident. Scott, in particular, came under fire for not stopping the event amid the chaos, which even saw an ambulance having to make its way through the crowd while the concert was still going on. He is now facing multiple lawsuits, including one that is asking for a sum of $2 billion.