False Beyonce Pregnancy Rumors Bubble up Once Again

Beyoncé is not pregnant, despite new rumors that the mom-of-three has a set of twins on the way.

The Beyoncé is pregnant rumor mill is churning once more, but according to Gossip Cop, the Beyhive should not be on the lookout for any burgeoning baby bump any time soon, because the singer is not actually pregnant.

Rumors that the 36-year-old — who is currently on her On the Run II Tour with husband Jay-Z — was expecting arose again this month when the National Enquirer claimed that the mom-of-three was not only expecting another baby, but was pregnant with twins.

According to a source who spoke to the outlet, the couple supposedly discovered that they were expecting early on in their tour after having gone to an IVF specialist for treatment. The source also claimed that Queen Bey was set to begin a "strict diet" and get "plenty of rest" so that she and husband Jay-Z could finish the tour so as to not disappoint fans.

However, despite the publication's claims, Gossip Cop points to several factors that suggest the contrary. Along with there not bearing any semblance of a baby bump in recent photos from her tour, the singer posted a video on Instagram which seemed to show her drinking beer long after she is reported to have found out that she is expecting.

Beyoncé also has a full tour ahead of her that will last into October before she is expected to travel to South Africa — a country that pregnant women are advised not to travel to due to the risk of malaria — for a performance with Jay-Z in December.

This is far from the first time that Queen Bey has been the center of pregnancy rumors. In July, fans became convinced that the singer was pregnant after she visibly rubbed her hand along her midsection and smiled at the crowd towards the end of the performance of "03 Bonnie & Clyde" in Rome, Italy.


Just a month before that incident, pregnancy rumors sparked again when fans began to overanalyze her wardrobe for her tour, which at the time had largely consisted of baggy coats or waist-ties. Many claimed that the clothing selections were meant to hide a baby bump.

Although it does not appear that she is currently expecting, some fans remain convinced that there will be another baby on the way, citing the importance of the number four in Beyoncé and Jay-Z's lives. The couple, who were both born on the fourth day of their birth month, wed on April 4, 2008 and even included the roman numeral for four, IV, in daughter Blue Ivy's name. However, for now it seems that their family of five is content with three little ones.