Eric André Slams 'Emotionally Disturbed' Chet Hanks: 'He's Not Well'

Eric Andre held nothing back in a recent interview about working with Chet Hanks. The younger son of actor Tom Hanks will appear in the upcoming sixth season of The Eric Andre Show, but Andre told Rolling Stone: "We edited out all his bulls-." He claimed that Chet put crew members at risk on the set with his antics and attempted "pranks."

Andre discussed some of the guests in the upcoming season of his show before getting to Chet Hanks, saying: "Chet Hanks, on the other hand, was a tough cookie. He broke our crew. It felt like Rust. He broke us down... He is... emotionally disturbed." The most concrete examples Andre gave were: "[Chet] stole a motorcycle and rode it around. He almost knocked a bunch of grips and gaffers off their ladders. It was very dangerous. He tried to prank us back."

"He's not well," Andrew continued. "How did Colin Hanks come out so good and Chet Hanks come out so bad?" He added one more allegation to the list as well, saying that while on set, Chet "tried to sleep with Ziwe." Presumably, he was referring to comedian Ziwe Fumudoh, who had Chet as a guest on her own talk show in 2021. So far, Ziwe has not appeared on The Eric Andre Show, so the two might have been filming with Andre at the same time.

"I talked to Ziwe about it. God, what a guy. Now he's the executive producer on the show and the president of Adult Swim," Andrew joked. This interview was published on Tuesday and Chet Hanks' representatives did not respond immediately to Andre's accusations, although other media outlets reportedly reached out with inquiries. However, on Tuesday evening Chet addressed them on his Instagram Story.

"[Eric Andre] had no idea you were such a p-," Chet wrote with a crying-laughing emoji. In follow-up Story posts, he explained things in his own words in videos. He said he was just trying to match the energy he had seen in previous episodes of The Eric Andre Show, saying: "You must have just not liked the fact that I outshined you on your own f-ing show!"

Chet is the son of Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, while Colin Hanks is from Tom Hanks' first marriage to Samantha Lewes. Hanks and Lewes also had a daughter, Elizabeth, before they divorced in 1987. Chet was born in 1990 and has been open about his troubled youth. He has described a stint at a wilderness program for teens with addiction in an interview on the Ivan Paychecks podcast in November, and he finished his high school studies at a now-closed therapeutic boarding school in Utah.

Chet said that he has struggled with substance abuse but got sober in 2018, although he is known to have relapsed in 2021. Afterward, he launched a personal training company and told his followers that he was sober once again. Hanks has also credited his parents and his seven-year-old daughter for helping to motivate him to stay sober and healthy.