Elizabeth Hurley Dances New Year's Eve Away Flamenco Style

Elizabeth Hurley was almost unrecognizable while ringing in the new year on Sunday, dressed to the nines in a flamenco dancer-style outfit and a large wig of dark curls.

(Photo: Instagram / @elizabethhurley1)

The actress showed off her red and gold gown, featuring ruffled sleeves and skirt, on her Instagram Story on New Year's Eve, playing the guitar and dancing the night away with a mystery man.

She posted shots of her dancing with her unknown handsome companion.

The couple was all smiles as they held each other close, the man dressed in a sophisticated black tuxedo.

(Photo: Instagram / @elizabethhurley1)

Hurley also posed with her 15-year-old son Damian, who also wore the Spanish dance outfit, complete with the same style wig as his mother.

"#embarrassing mums New Year 2017," she captioned the photo with Damian, whose godfather is Hurley's ex-boyfriend Hugh Grant. The two dated for 13 years before amicably splitting in 2000.

(Photo: Instagram / @elizabethhurley1)

The Austin Powers star says that even though Damian has appeared beside her on the E! series The Royals as Prince Hansel von Liechtenstein, she wants to protect him from the spotlight.

"I certainly don't want a child of mine to be famous," she told the Daily Telegraph. "It's the worst thing to be trapped in your house and not be able to leave."

Hurley says her son doesn't get embarrassed of his mother like a typical teenager would, but instead has one particular caveat he'd rather her not do.

"On the whole Damian's not embarrassed," she said. "Most people are embarrassed when their parents sing, or dance, or wear dresses. He loves all that, but he doesn't like me being too jokey with his teachers."


"Maybe it's because we're talking to teachers but it always makes me laugh because there's so little one can do as a controlling parent wanting to help your children. You can't make them sit and learn their biology warnings," she continued.