'Duck Dynasty' Star Sadie Robertson Helping Brides Who Canceled Weddings Due to Coronavirus

Sadie Robertson married husband Christian Huff late last year, and the Duck Dynasty star is now helping brides who have had their weddings affected by the coronavirus. The virus has has caused the cancellation and postponement of numerous events including weddings, as people are being encouraged to stay at home as much as possible and avoid large gatherings. Last week, Robertson shared a post on Instagram asking for affected brides to comment so she could reach out to them, but the 22-year-old told Entertainment Tonight that she wasn't expecting the amount of replies she received.

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"I was thinking like 100 to 500 maybe people that follow me realistically [would respond]," Robertson said. "So, my idea was just to write them a letter on their wedding day. 'I'm gonna look up a gift and maybe I can send it,' thinking it was going to be this amount that I could do this for. The post went viral and there was over 40,000 comments, over 22,000 brides." She added that she was inspired to share her post after learning that two people close to her had had their wedding days affected.

"This is a lot of brides who have had this huge disappointment in their wedding being postponed or canceled or having to have a wedding that wasn't what they expected," the reality star continued. "There's so much disappointment that comes with that. I don't have all the answers to that... but what we did was we kind of started this online community for the girls."

The community is on Robertson's website, LO Fam, but she shared that she is giving affected brides three free months of membership.

"It has been the coolest thing watching these brides encourage each other. It's so cute, all the brides are posting their engagement pictures, their love stories," she said. "We're really getting to learn more about them, be in this time of heartache but also look forward to the celebration that they will have one day."

Robertson admitted that with that number of brides, she won't be able to send something to all of them, but she has received a number of messages from those who do want to help and is now able to offer the women discounts on marriage-related products.


"In this time, as much as a gift would make you smile, the biggest thing that people want is a community, because we're all sort of in this isolation," Robertson added. "It's just been a really sweet thing to be able to gather with these girls who are going through the same thing and something that's so close to my heart, just having a wedding."

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