Dr. Dre Allegedly Served Divorce Papers at Grandmother's Gravesite Service

Dr. Dre has been in an ongoing divorce battle with his estranged ex, Nicole Young, for some time now. According to TMZ, their split has taken yet another contentious turn. The publication reported that a process server for Young attempted to serve Dre with divorce papers while at the gravesite of his grandmother. 

TMZ had conflicting sources regarding where exactly Dre was served papers. One source connected to Dre claimed that the individual tried serving him while he was standing next to his grandmother's casket. However, a source connected to Young claimed that the rapper was served in the parking lot of the cemetery after the burial took place. 

Interestingly enough, TMZ spoke with "several employees" at the Inglewood Park Cemetary who said that Dre was never in the parking lot at the location. Instead, they claimed that he parked outside of the parking lot on a street near the cemetery. Furthermore, the employees stated that they did not see that Dre was served while his grandmother's casket was being lowered. Due to these accounts, TMZ purported that Dre was served while he was walking back to his car after the burial. 

As for what the papers entailed, they had to do with Young's attorney fees. There has reportedly been a dispute between the exes regarding how much Dre was supposed to pay for Young's legal representation. TMZ reported that the mogul has paid $325,433. But, a judge ordered that he still has a lofty amount to pay to his ex, as he is said to owe Young $1,550,000 in total. While Dre believes that there is an error regarding that amount, Young says that he still owes her over $1,200,000.

Dre and Young have been engaged in a contentious battle ever since she filed for divorce in June 2020. Months after she filed for divorce, in September, Young accused her ex of domestic violence. She claimed that Dre was abusive to her on several occasions throughout the course of their marriage and alleged that he placed a gun to her head, punched her in the face, and slammed her against the wall. Dre denied these allegations and said that "at no time did I abuse Nicole or threaten her physical safety." In turn, Young said that Dre's denials are "blatant lies."