Donald Trump Jr. Slams Jimmy Kimmel Over N-word Controversy

Late night host Jimmy Kimmel is taking the summer off potentially due to backlash he received following a resurfaced blackface skit and after using the N-word in a song that resurfaced. After Kimmel encouraged an alleged 2018 tape of President Donald Trump using the N-word to come to light, Trump's son, Donald Trump Jr., is fighting back. In a tweet, Trump Jr. calls out ABC for still airing his show.

"To be clear, I'm 100% against punishing comedians for jokes, even bad jokes from unfunny hack comedians like Jimmy Kimmel...but according to the left's own woke rules that @jimmykimmel wants to force others to live by, it's hard to see how @ABCNetwork allows him to keep his show," the tweet read. Recently, Fox News obtained a track that was an original song by Kimmel imitating Snoop Dogg on a Christmas album using the N-word on several occasions. In a 2013 podcast hosted by Adam Carolla, Kimmel admitted to using the N-word in that song and also altered his voice to sound different — as Carolla put it, a "crazy black voice."

Kimmel, who recently announced he would be taking the summer off to spend more time with his family following a blackface controversy, used lyrics like, "A fat n— in a sleigh giving s— away," and "n— in the manger." In the track titled "Christmastime in the LBC" he also said, "I told motherf— Santa, bring a pick for my afro" and the "three wise men" were also described as "bringing gifts and s— for baby boo in the hay." He also used the line, "Me and my n— down in LBC, we'll smoke that motherf— Christmas tree."

Kimmel is not only featured on the album cover, but he's also credited as co-producer and for all "comedy material" for the album. Recently, he announced that he would be stepping away from hosting his show starting July 6 through September to spend more time with his family. However, it comes fresh off the heels of ongoing demonstrations in the U.S. protesting racial inequality, police brutality and injustice. As social media continues to dig and find dirt on celebrities, both Kimmel and his NBC rival, Jimmy Fallon, were caught taking part in blackface sketches on their respective shows. When Kimmel addressed his audience about the new announcement, he did not state why he would be stepping away, other than his health and the health of his family are okay.