Demi Rose Makes 'Pastel Pit Stop' in Sunset Ibiza Photos

Demi Rose Mawby continues to live it up in Ibiza, this time sharing a little side trip she made on the Spanish island with the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset. Rose posted a photo of herself on Ibiza Magic Island, a common setting for her photos, that saw her making a “pastel pit stop.” She also tagged the items she wore, which was courtesy of the Pretty Little Thing collection.

Rose followed that post up with another post from the same location and same Pretty Little Thing wardrobe. The photoshoot was uploaded over the weekend as Rose continues to rack up the Instagram likes and build up her massive social media following. The model, who moved to Ibiza last year, has become one of the most powerful influencers on Instagram thanks to her bikini-clad candids and breathtaking backdrops. The 25-year-old routinely clocks in at more than half a million likes on her photos as her following climbs across the 15.6 million mark.

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Speaking with The Evening Standard, Rose talked about her dramatic rise to fame. She admitted she was bullied at a younger age before eventually finding herself a popular figure in school. That ended up carrying over big time as her Instagram following kept climbing up. Rose, who has experienced tremendous loss at a young age with the death of both of her parents, said she always “dreamed’ of becoming the girl everyone wanted to be with.

“The popularity now just absolutely blows me away,” Rose told the outlet. She still says she doesn’t believe how far she has come over the years as she first begun to get serious about her social media page when she was 15 but really saw things take off the past few years. She’s hoping to use her platform now to inspire others and provide comfort for those going through similar traumas.

In that same interview, Rose explained her decision to move from London to Ibiza. Admitting that things got tough for her mentally, the 25-year-old realized she needed a change and that moving to Ibiza was the right move for her. She eventually made the move once the lockdown was lifted in the U.K. and in the months since, feels it has been “one of the best decisions” she has ever made. Rose now is aiming her sights on continuing to grow her modeling portfolio while also becoming more influential in inspiring others who are going through grief just as she did.