Demi Lovato's Sister Claps Back at Singer's Body Shamers

Demi Lovato's family will stand up to her haters.

The "Confident" singer has been keeping a low profile ever since she checked herself out of rehab following a three month stint after her July drug overdose. But made a rare post to her social media platform earlier this week when she shared a stunning selfie of herself after a martial arts class.

"Sweaty, messy jiu jitsu hair," Lovato wrote to her followers, adding the hashtags #BJJ #BlueBelt #NeverGiveUp.

(Photo: Instagram/Demi Lovato)

While the majority of social media responses to the new photo were messages of support with an array of fans welcoming Lovato back into the spotlight after the difficult time in her life, others took to the comments section of the post to criticize the singer's body and weight.

The comments and supposed criticism from both fans and media inspired Demi's sister Dallas Lovato to speak up and clap back at her sister's hater in a video posted to social media, as first reported by E! News.

"Ya know what? Here's another thing I'm just saying to all the f—king tabloids out there right now calling my sister fat, go f— yourself because she's the most beautiful, strong, amazing person that I've ever met in my entire life," Dallas Lovato said in a video. "And everyone why are you making my sister's body the topic of your conversation, go f— yourself."

She continued, "I'm sorry my sister is beautiful, she's alive and she's conquering a lot of really hard s—... I'm just saying."

Lovato has been focusing on her recovery for the past few months, only breaking her social media silence twice; once to motivate followers to vote during the midterm elections, and her latest photo.

Despite a few negative commenters, the singer has received support from her fans and her fellow celebs as she continues to recover.

"I've missed you so very much," Christina Aguilera wrote in the comments section of Demi's latest post. "And we keep on tickin — till the end of time — I loooove youuuuu! Can't wait to continue to heave you by side now."

Aside from staying healthy, Lovato is reportedly also working on her music and determined to make a big comeback in 2019.


"Demi finds singing and writing cathartic and has been writing a lot of her own material, which she wants to get in motion pretty quickly," a source told press in late November.

"She's grateful to be alive and at the stage of her life where she wants to help other people, and her music will reflect that," the source continued. "It's all about staying strong and positive — one day at a time, of course."