Debra Messing Chides President Trump for Tweeting About Her Amid Hurricane Dorian, Mass Shooting Fallout

Actress Debra Messing and President Trump have been engaged in a heated twitter battle, and now the Will & Grace star is chiding the President for tweeting about her amid Hurricane Dorian and fallout over the many recent mass shootings in America. It all started when Trump commented on Messing's criticism of him by tweeting, "I have not forgotten that when it was announced that I was going to do The Apprentice, and when it then became a big hit, helping NBC's failed lineup greatly, [Debra Messing] came up to me at an Upfront & profusely thanked me, even calling me 'Sir.' How times have changed!" Messing hit back by sharing a tweeted about gun violence in the U.S., adding, "Now that I know I have your attention [Donald Trump], please read this thread— a PARTIAL list of souls lost to preventable, devastating gun violence. America wants universal background checks. The majority of Americans want assault weapons ban. Take Action and I'll call you Sir."

Now, Messing has taken to Instagram to further comment on the situation, writing in a post caption, "So! I woke up this morning to my phone notifications going crazy."

"I got scared," she continued. "I thought 'Oh NO! Don't tell me there is a 3rd mass shooting this weekend! Don't tell me the Bahamians have lost their homes, their Lives by Hurricane [Dorian]!' "

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"It was Trump. NOT CALLING McConnell and demanding an end to the recess, and an emergency meeting to pass the gun violence bills passed by the House months ago," Messing added, "NOT reversing his decision to move $155 MILLION DOLLARS from FEMA Disaster Fund to ICE. Nope."

"What was on Trump's mind in the midst of such tragedy, was me. The LAST thing that should be on his mind or in his tweets," Messing concluded.

Many other twitter users have expressed similar sentiments as Messing, with a number of them tweeting back to Trump to let him know that they also feel like there are many other more crucial matters at hand right now.

"Trump just Retweeted old tweets in an effort to bury this tweet on his timeline that he sent out this AM slamming actress Debra Messing while people in Texas mourn loved ones killed by another mass shooting and people in South brace for Hurricane Dorian," one person tweeted.


Trump does not appear to have commented further on the feud between Messing and himself.

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