David Copperfield Issues Denial of Sexual Misconduct Allegations While Supporting #MeToo Movement

Famous magician David Copperfield issued a statement on Thursday claiming he's been falsely accused of sexual misconduct.

"I've lived with years of news reports about me being accused of fabricated, heinous acts, with few telling the story of the accuser getting arrested, and my innocence," Copperfield wrote. "Knowing that false accusers can negatively impact the believability of others and are a true disservice to those who have been victims of sexual misconduct, I didn't draw attention to it."

Copperfield released his full statement on his Twitter and Instagram accounts. He stars off by voicing his support of the anti-sexual assault #MeToo Movement that has been calling out figures in Hollywood who have reportedly abused their power.

"The #MeToo movement is crucial and long overdue," Copperfield wrote. "We all want people who feel they've been victims of sexual misconduct to be empowered, and as a rule we should listen, so more will feel comfortable coming forward. It's important.

"But imagine what it's like, believing in the movement, and having also been falsely accused publicly in the past."

Copperfield mentioned that someone, who he did not name, recently came forward with a false accusation.

"Three years and hundreds of stories reported on a false claim investigated by the FBI, where the end result was that the accuser was caught by law enforcement making the same false claim about another man," Copperfield said. "The proof was on tape. The accuser was arrested and charged."

Copperfield, real name David Kotkin, was likely referring to accusations made by Lacey Carroll back in 2007. A federal grand jury closed the case in 2010 without bringing any charges against Copperfield, as Carroll was charged with a misdemeanor for prostitution and making a separate false rape allegation. Carroll attempted to file a civil lawsuit against Copperfield that was dropped in April 2010.

Copperfield hinted that a new accusation has come to light, writing "So while I weather another storm, I want the movement to continue to flourish. Always listen, and consider everything carefully, but please for everyone's sake don't rush to judgment."

The New Jersey illusionist is currently dating Chloe Gosselin, a French fashion model. The two have a seven-year-old daughter named Sky.


The #MeToo Movement has been widely praised by members of Hollywood, though a small group of actors and actresses have spoken out against it.