Dave Bautista Just Fired off a Heated Tweet About President Donald Trump

Dave Bautista had some harsh words for President Donald Trump on Saturday. The actor posted an angry message on Twitter, pleading with God to arrange a debate between the president and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Of course, fans were split over the statement.

"Dear God, I never ask you for s—!" Bautista tweeted on Saturday afternoon. "I'm begging! Please God! Please let there be a debate between [Sen. Bernie Sanders] and [President Donald Trump]! Please!! Please let President Dumb-Dumb stand there by himself and be exposed and humiliated by a decent man!"

"I'll settle for an impeachment," Bautista added with prayer-hand and shrugging emojis.

In a matter of hours, Bautista got over 1,500 retweets and over 13,000 likes on his post. However, there were many fans in the reply trying to argue with Bautista over his political perspective.

"Love Trump or hate him there's no denying he will smoke any of the Dems on the mic this election season," one person wrote.

"Keep going you are going to get him re elected! You wonder why Ricky Gervais was loved at the Golden Globes and people still haven't figured it out!" added another.

On the other hand, there were plenty of followers who agreed with Bautista. Many thought that, if the 2020 election reached the point of a live debate, it would be President Trump's undoing.

"To be fair, Trump would be trounced by literally any of the top 5 candidates," one person wrote.

"Love Bernie or hate him, he actually has a consistent record to take Trump on," tweeted another. "Trump has been attacking Bernie with no substance attacks these past days. Working families will know which candidate is on their side based on record. Bernie would expose him for the fraud that he is."

As for Sen. Sanders himself, he is apparently up for the proposed debate. An official Sanders campaign account replied to Bautista, writing simply: "Working on it." The post got hundreds of likes.


Many people are particularly interested to see Trump's debate performance after his recent string of verbal flubs in public addresses. On Tuesday, he gave a national address about the rising tensions with Iran, where he slurred his words and badly mispronounced the word "tolerated."

Whether the 2020 election will even reach the point of a debate remains to be seen. Trump has been impeached by Congress, and could be removed from office by the Senate in the coming weeks. With the holiday recess over, the congressional bodies are now getting the impeachment process back underway.