'Dancing With the Stars' Champ Reveals 'Super Scary' Medical Issue

Bachelorette alum and former champ Hannah Brown tells fans she suffers from a "super scary" medical condition that leaves her starting some mornings on a strange and worrisome note. On her Jan. 19 Instagram story, Brown detailed her recent sleep paralysis experience that threw her off that morning. 

"Do any of you experience sleep paralysis, because I've already had an alternate morning in my sleep paralysis state," Brown started asking her followers, per People Magazine. "It's the weirdest thing, I am like, 'Hannah, open your eyes,' in my head while I'm sleeping; like 'move your body,' and I can't."

She described feeling like she was in a dream but it suddenly changed as she felt like she had woken up finally and went through a morning routine, but she couldn't move her body. "It's the weirdest thing. So I'm still just recuperating from that," she said. 

The Dancing With the Stars champion expressed gratitude that it was luckily not a bad dream she was having that day. "It wasn't like nightmare-ish but more like I couldn't establish what was real or not, if I had woken up…while also being aware I wasn't moving?" she said."Anybody that has any type of abnormal sleep stuff, I feel your pain," she added. "Also, you just wake up really confused."

Brown is not a stranger to sleep paralysis fits, saying that the experience is "super scary." "It feels [like] you're unable to move or speak for a bit."Turns out, she's not the only person in Hollywood who's had similar sleep paralysis experiences. Tom Holland recently detailed how the price of his fame started to haunt his dreams when he would start having sleep paralysis nightmares of being hounded by paparazzi.


"They're all there, and I'm looking for my publicist, like, 'Where is the person who's supposed to be protecting me? What's going on?' And then when I am able to move again, I turn the lights on, and it's over," he said in an interview with GQ. "And I think, Oh, my God, I'm in my room, I'm fine. There's no one here. But then I will get up and look for a recording device or something that someone has put in my room."