Courteney Cox Reacts to Kanye West Saying 'Friends' Isn't Funny

After Kanye "Ye" West appeared to call Friends "not funny," series star Courteney Cox fired back at the rapper, who didn't even write the comment in the first place. Earlier this month, Ye seemed to say on Instagram that he thought the acclaimed sitcom was "not funny." On Tuesday, Cox posted a video where she jokingly reacted to Ye's criticism.

In the video, Cox was listening to Ye's 2009 song "Heartless" and scrolling through his Instagram. She scrolled by his post about Friends, then turned off his music and walked out of frame. Her caption implied a hipster's sensibility towards Ye's music, as she wrote: "I bet the old Kanye thought Friends was funny." However, in his own post on Sunday, Ye claimed that he wasn't even the one to write about Friends.

"I know you guys gonna be disappointed but I actually didn't write the [tweet] that said 'Friends wasn't funny either' but I wish I had I'd love to know who thought of that I like to post comments Cause y'all n-s is hilarious I love funny people," the rapper wrote in a long caption about other matters.

It's unclear if Ye was telling the truth about that post, and the reality is hard to track down because he tends to delete posts shortly after making them. Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms of all time and it had a major resurgence in the era of streaming when fans could binge-watch and re-watch it to their hearts' content. However, it has gradually become a bit of a meme, standing in shorthand for simple taste in media.

The rest of Ye's post was about a more inflammatory post that was attributed to him but which really does seem to be made up as a joke. It was an edited screenshot made to look like a text post from Ye's Instagram which read: "Kim has diarrhea a lot. Like way more than a normal person should have it." Follow-up posts played on this joke until the original poster finally seemed to confirm that it was fake.


In the meantime, the post was so widespread that Ye himself felt the need to refute it on Instagram. This, too, he deemed "not funny." Some comments encouraged the rapper to consider how and why things had gotten to the point where so many people were ready to believe that he would share such sensitive details about his ex-wife on social media.