'Jackass' Star Steve-O Reveals Positive COVID-19 Test, Urges People to Wear Masks and Stop Spread

Steve-O has some strong feelings about the coronavirus pandemic. The Jackass star revealed on Thursday that he tested positive for COVID-19, despite following all the recommended safety protocols. However, he's still steadfast in urging people to do the same, and even explained how his sense of safety isn't quite as at odds with the Jackass ethos as some might think.

"I have a lot of feelings about this," Steve-O told TooFab. "There's nothing brave about saying 'I don't care about coronavirus,' because you're just putting other people at risk. As deliberately reckless as my Jackass buddies and I are — we put effort into being reckless — we are careful about being respectful to other people, you know? I think what's made Jackass successful, over these decades now, is that it's not mean spirited. We're not cruel; we do it to ourselves. and that gives it a sort of wholesome, lovable sense. Third-party people and putting them at risk is not part of our program. And for that matter I'd say me and all my buddies, we care about doing what we can to not spread it."

Steve-O also revealed that he was completely asymptomatic, and only realized he'd contracted the virus as a precaution. During his current stand-up tour, he got tested and received negative results. However, after someone suggested he get tested for antibodies too, the results came back positive. He now plans to donate his plasma to help research, though he added that he will only do it on the condition they give him back any extra red blood cells so he can "make some art."

Back in February, Steve-O seemed to put to rest any rumors that he wouldn't be involved in the upcoming Jackass movie. It had been previously reported that Steve-O wouldn't be on board for the supposed fourth entry in the MTV reality stunt series, though an Instagram photo appeared to put those rumors to rest. Of course, this was prior to the pandemic, so it's almost certain that the fourth movie has been delayed in some way as a result.

There have been over 152,000 deaths from coronavirus in the U.S. so far, with nearly 4.5 million confirmed cases, per Johns Hopkins University. Given the surging numbers in several states across the country, many local governments have been charting a course to shut back down as a means to slow the spread.