Corey Feldman Will Fight Sexual Abuse With as Many People as Possible

Corey Feldman extended an open invitation to Terry Crews — or anyone willing to help — to join the fight against sexual abuse.

Just a few months after Feldman announced his plan to expose a ring of Hollywood pedophiles by making a $10 million movie, he remains hopeful that he can raise the funds he says he needs to expose sexual abuse in Hollywood and in his own life.

He's more than willing to include as many people as possible in his fight, including Crews, who recently came forward with his own sexual assault allegations.

"I thought about [reaching out to Terry], but I've been pretty overwhelmed with everything that I'm doing, but here's an open invitation," Feldman told E! News. "Terry, if you're listening, I'm more than happy to join forces with you and work together. I'm willing to work with anybody. Can I just put that out there?"

"I'm willing to work with anybody that wants to aid in this fight. If you want to help me get this film made, to tell the truth, please help me," he continued.

Feldman has been vocal about his fight against sexual abuse in Hollywood. He says that before his friend Corey Haim's early death in 2010, Haim asked him to shed light on the abuse the two suffered at the hands of powerful men Hollywood while they were growing up in the spotlight.

In November, Feldman appeared on The Dr. Oz Show and accused director Jon Grissom of molesting him as a child. Grissom has not commented publicly on the allegations.

Feldman also accused Aphy Hoffman, the owner of a youth club frequented by child actors when Feldman was growing up. Feldman said that he was drugged at a party of Hoffman's and molested while passing out.

Santa Barbara Police say they have recently discovered tapes from Feldman's 1993 interview with detectives in which he named specific men by name who he said molested him and Haim. However, police say they are not investigating Feldman's claims due to the expired statute of limitations.

Feldman told E! News he's working to get the statutes changed so that he can continue to fight against the abuse he endured.

"If you want to help me get the statutes changed, please help me. If you want to help me get your story out, I will help you," he said. "I'm willing to do whatever it takes. I'm here to be a soldier. I'm not in it for me. I'm in it for all of us. Let's work together, please."

After Feldman executive produced an intimate Lifetime movie about his and Haim's abuse, he said it's more important now than ever for victims of sexual assault to speak up.

"People are finally listening and there's a movement happening," Feldman told PEOPLE. "This is your chance for redemption, but also a chance to have justice served not only for Corey and I, but for the rest of the world. There are still kids out there who are being victimized."

"I guarantee you that there were other kids that had these experiences. They need to stand up and use their voice," he explained. "There are producers that know about things that happened on their sets, or agents who know things about their clients, and actresses and actors themselves — it's time to use our voices."


The actor added that he's disappointed that he hasn't received more support from friends and fellow entertainment industry workers.

"I'm still shattered by the fact that I haven't had more support from my peers," he said, before offering his own reasoning of why that may be the case. "Fear is a monster. This is the fear that keeps the secret alive, this is the fear that keeps this whole thing going."