Corey Feldman Goes on Twitter Tirade Against Sexual Battery Accusations

An accusation of sexual battery against Corey Feldman pushed the actor into a Twitter tirade about those who have “warned of threats of attacks,” suggesting he was wrongfully accused.

On Wednesday, TMZ reported that an anonymous woman filed a police report in Los Angeles claiming Feldman groped her backside in early 2017, and the actor is now being investigated for sexual battery.

Feldman, who has long led the charge to fight against pedophilia and sexual abuse in Hollywood, responded to the accusations with a series of emotionally-charged posts on Twitter Wednesday afternoon.

“Friends, fans & #FeldFam we knew this was coming: As u all know he have been warned of threats of attacks from a few of the former ‘angels’ from my band since I had 2 cancel my tour unexpectedly," he wrote, suggesting that former members of Corey Feldman & the Angels may have orchestrated the complaint against him.

“As u also know my primary mission is 2 fight against sexual abuse of ppl of all ages,” the 46-year-old added.

One day before the investigation was reported, the actor tweeted more directly about his theory, writing that a “very organized cell” planned to “frame” him with “lies and brainwashing tricks.”

“We r fighting this war of inappropriate behavior against all human beings, because of my own painful experiences, so the last thing I would ever want is 2 make some1 feel taken advantage of in any way. I assure u my attorneys r dealing w these egregious allegations as we speak,” he continued.

Feldman has been vocal about the apparent culture of sexual abuse and silence in Hollywood, a space he entered more than 30 years ago.

In October, he announced his plan to expose a ring of Hollywood pedophiles who abused him and the late Corey Haim in the 1980s. During an appearance on the Dr. Oz Show in November, he named director John Grissom as being one of the men who molested him.

Feldman continued his tirade on Twitter, shifting his message to encourage followers to press forward in calling for cultural changes.

“It is best 4 all of r interested that we do r best 2 march on leading the way, 2 fight 4 change & justice in the name of all who r innocent in this world! Please keep beating the drum about changing the sole across the country, & we will keep fighting no matter what! God bless!”

A representative for Feldman parroted his Twitter message to PEOPLE, adding, “He is confident that the motives behind these false accusations will be revealed and that the truth will prevail. He also thanks his fans for their continued love, support and belief in him.”


The accusation against Feldman comes two months after he filed his own report alleging sexual assault, but the investigation was dropped due to an expiration in the statute of limitations.

Photo credit: Getty / JB Lacroix