Conchata Ferrell's 'Two and a Half Men' Co-Star Jon Cryer Remembers Her as 'a Beautiful Human'

Jon Cryer and Conchata Ferrell spent more than 10 seasons and 211 episodes together while working on Two and a Half Men. It's no wonder that Cryer took her death exceptionally hard when the news came out on Tuesday that the woman who starred as Berta on the hit CBS comedy lost her life after complications from a previous cardiac arrest she suffered. Ferrell was 77 at the time of her death.

In a tweet written after word got out, Cryer referred to his former co-star as a "beautiful human." He mentioned how she might have had a tough exterior on the show, but that was all done by the writers and the complete opposite of how she was in the real world. He considered her strengths to be her "warmth and vulnerability." Cryer also gave his thoughts and prayers to the family she leaves behind and all of the students she worked with at UCLA, "2020 is just merciless."

Ferrell had a recurring role on the first season of Two and a Half Men before becoming a mainstay on the show from the second season all the way up until its series finale in 2015. For eight of those seasons, Cryer and Ferrell spent their time in the spotlight with Charlie Sheen before he eventually was removed from the show. Despite not leaving on the best terms, it was clear that Sheen developed some serious respect for the work Ferrell did on set and their time together over the years. After learning of her passing, Sheen paid tribute to his former counterpart on Twitter, calling her "an absolute sweetheart" as well as a "consummate pro" and "genuine friend." He also shared a photo from the series, one in which the two sat on the balcony of Charlie Harper's place, who was played by Sheen.

Other cast members of the show who paid their respects to the late actress included Melanie Lynskey, who played Rose in the series. Lynskey said she was "weeping" after hearing the news, calling her "the warmest, most gracious lady." She also mentioned how Ferrell's husband was such a big supporter of his wife that he was on set at every taping to watch her and the other stars.