Conchata Ferrell: Melanie Lynskey Is 'Weeping' Over 'Two and a Half Men' Co-Star's Death

The death of Conchata Ferrell was felt throughout the entertainment industry and especially so among her former Two and a Half co-stars. From Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen to the series’ co-creator, Ferrell received tributes from a handful of the hit CBS comedy’s cast. This list included Melanie Lynskey, who famously played the part of Rose from 2003 to 2015.

On Twitter, Lynskey expressed her sadness after learning of Ferrell’s passing, writing in her post that was “weeping.” She called Ferrell one of the “warmest” people she ever knew and explained how that was reflected in how her husband supported her throughout the series, sharing that he would always be on set to watch the production of each episode. Lynskey said the same could be said about her daughter, who also was a regular on set. Because of this, Lynskey wrote, Ferrell was “loved” and “will be missed” by all who knew her.

In the hours since the news of her death came out, there hasn’t been any doubt about the impact Ferrell had on her former castmates. This includes Charlie Sheen, who starred in the series as Charlie Harper up until the eighth season. Despite exiting the show on bad terms, Sheen certainly had a strong connection with Ferrell over the eight seasons they worked together. He called her an “absolute sweetheart” in his tweet, adding that was a “consummate pro” and “a genuine friend.”

Sheen’s former on-screen brother and fellow co-star, Jon Cryer, also took the news of her death to heart. Cryer applauded her for being a “beautiful human” in his tweet. He also explained that what viewers saw in each episode, or what he referred to as “Berta’s gruff exterior,” was the complete opposite of how she was in real life. He said instead of being tough and challenging, she exhibited “warmth and vulnerability.”

Throughout the successful run of Two and a Half Men, Ferrell often stole the scenes with witty one-liners as the two brother’s maid, Berta. She initially began as a recurring character in the first season before moving up to the main cast for the second season and throughout the show’s 12-season run, which also featured Ashton Kutcher in a starring role after Sheen’s removal.