Comedian Unable to Walk After Hip Injury

Comedian Roy "Chubby" Brown is recovering after suffering a nasty hip injury that has left him unable to walk. The controversial 77-year-old stand-up comedian, whose real name is Royston Vasey, was forced to cancel his scheduled gig at the Civic Arts Centre and Theatre in Lancashire, England on the night of July 7, with Brown revealing his injury in a statement announcing the sudden cancellation.

The venue announced the cancellation of the show, which has since been rescheduled for Friday, Dec. 23, in a statement released just hours before Brown was slated to take the stage. In the statement, per the Lancashire Telegraph, the venue shared, "Unfortunately, Roy Chubby Brown is cancelling his show this evening." The venue went on to reveal that Brown "injured his hip and cannot walk." The statement went on to add, "We are busy contacting everyone, please do not ring us as we are trying to sort out a full house of people and contact everyone in order. This may take a while. We're really sorry."

According to a post shared by Brown's manager, Ritchie Hoyle, on the comedian's Facebook page, Brown "has been carrying a hip injury for 4/5 months now which has been gradually deteriorating and getting worse." Hoyle said it is believed "his hip is slowly crumbling." Due to the deteriorating health of his hip, the comedian had "3 pain killing / steroid injections etc during this time just to get him through recent gigs and get about generally." However, on the morning of the July 7 show, Brown's "hip gave way and he is in a lot of pain and can't put any weight on his right side." Hoyle went on to explain that he believes "this is a serious problem with Roy's hip now and will only get worse unless we act" and may require a full hip replacement.

"We are getting Roy's doctor to visit him today to give Roy something to ease the pain and have already arranged for Roy to see his hip specialist in the morning to see where we stand and options for resolving the hip issue, I won't lie I think this will be a full hip replacement in the near future," Hoyle shared, adding in a later update that Hoyle was working with a hip specialist.


The show's cancellation came amid renewed controversy surrounding the comedian. Just days before the now postponed Oswaldtwistle show, Brown's scheduled show in Lancaster in August was cancelled by the Lancaster City Council after a petition received 59 signatures from residents who labelled Brown "racist, homophobic and misogynistic." Brown later blasted "Cancellation/snowflake/woke culture" for the cancellation. A petition has since been launched to uncancel the event.