Coco Austin's Sister Shares Another Identical Snap With Their Mom

Coco Austin and her sister, Kristy Austin, are twinning with their mother, Tina Austin, yet again. Just a day before Austin sent fans roaring earlier this week with a photo showing the sisters' likeness to their mother, Kristy took to Instagram with another photo showing off the uncanny resemblance.

"Happy Birthday to my GORGEOUS mother!!" Kristy wrote in celebration of their mother's birthday alongside an image of the trio of women. In the post, both Austin and her sister don red, white and blue "USA" shirts and red pants. "Yes that fun, loving, witty woman in the middle is our mother. We've become the women we are today because of her raising us with such strength and grace. Love you so much mom!"

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The post immediately drew the attention of fans, who were not only eager to wish Tina a happy birthday, but also quick to point out just how much she and her two daughters look alike. In the comments section, among a slew of well wishes, one fan wrote, "I know it sounds cliche but the three of you really look like sisters! What a beautiful family!" Several more people seemed to agree that the mother-daughter trio could be sisters, with one person adding that they had "great genes." Somebody else commented, "all of you all are gorgeous."

Kristy's post came just a day before her sister sent fans into a frenzy when sharing her own sentimental birthday message to her mother. Writing that she is "a strong woman cuz a strong woman raised me" and stating that "words can't express the unconditional love between a mother and daughter," Austin shared a gallery of images of the three Austin women. She said that "there is a beautiful bond that my sister and I share with" their mother.

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Just as with her sister's, Austin’s post prompted a heavy response from fans who couldn’t look past how closely the two sisters resembled their mother, many claiming the three of them were mirror images of one another. One person asked, "Can we just talk about how your mom could just totally be your older sister." Several people even jokingly questioned if they are "triplets."