Coco Austin Shuts Down Rumors She And Husband Ice-T Are Divorcing

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit star Ice-T and wife Coco Austin are happily married. Austin put a halt to any speculation there could be trouble in paradise on Instagram Wednesday when a concerned fan asked if anything was up between the two. Ice-T, 62, and Austin, 41, have been married since 2002 and are parents to daughter Chanel Nicole, 4. Ice-T is dad to two children from previous relationships, Letesha Marrow, 44, and Tracy Marrow Jr., 28.

Austin shared a photo taken with her mother, showing off a new hairdo. "Have you officially moved to Arizona and left your husband?" one fan asked, reports InTouch Weekly. "I don't see you or your daughter with him anymore." Austin told the fan that Ice-T did go to Arizona with them, but "doesn't like taking pics." She said the couple spent more time in Arizona than they planned because filming on Law & Order: SVU began later than usual due to the coronavirus pandemic. Austin told another fan she felt the need to explain now so people "don't misconstrue things."

To prove there really is nothing wrong between her and Ice-T, Austin has since posted two more photos with the actor. On Wednesday, she shared an adorable photo of the couple with their daughter in Edgewater, New Jersey. "Getting fresh air with the fam is always nice... This is what really matters," she wrote. On Thursday, Austin shared a throwback photo with Ice-T, showing off her past "big hair." Ice-T also shared an old vacation photo with Austin on Twitter Tuesday.

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Austin and Ice-T have both been personally touched by the coronavirus pandemic. Ice-T has tweeted about friends being diagnosed with the virus and Austin's father struggled with COVID-19. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Ice-T said Austin's father has suffered permanent lung damage. "It took him a month to make it out of the hospital. Now he's home, but his lungs are damaged indefinitely," Ice-T said. Ice-T hoped that his father-in-law's battle with the pandemic would remind people to take COVID-19 seriously. "There are still non-believers," the rapper said. "I've made it through so much in my life, I don't want to die because of this — especially with a new daughter. I'm aware and I'm concerned and I'm cautious."


On Aug. 2, Austin shared a photo of her father at home. He compared being in the hospital for so long to jail. "He lost 30 pounds in this time period so my job is to plump him back up so he gains his natural muscle back and is back healthy LOL," she wrote. "It just feels great to see him in good spirits again..this whole thing has been so stressful."