Coco Austin Emotionally Speaks out on Father's COVID-19 Battle: 'My Family is Falling Apart'

Coco Austin has opened up about her father Steve's hospitalization after testing positive for COVID-19. In an interview with Page Six on Wednesday, Austin spoke about the toll her dad's illness, along with the two other cases in her family, has taken on her family.

"I just want him to pull through," Austin explained. "I've been sending as much love as I can but there's only so much I can do from a distance. I want to be in the room with him right now and hold his hands, and just let him know that his family loves him, to push through, and this is too early for him to go." Austin said that the ordeal has her feeling like "my family is falling apart." She added that she came to Arizona to get away from the outbreak in New York and New Jersey, but now she feels "like we now swallowed it up in the spike that just happened here."

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The day prior to the interview, Austin also shared a pair of family photos. "My tough as an ox dad, the one that never goes to the doctor, the one that doesn't even take Tylenol for pain, the one that never EVER gets sick, were talking about the original Steve Austin (cuz that's his real name) is in the ICU requiring oxygen for #covid19," Austin wrote in the caption. "We have a big family, in the second photo is my dad with all his kids," Austin added. She also thanked Arrow Head Hospital in Arizona "for attending to my dad!"

Austin's husband, Ice-T, had first alerted the world to his father-in-law's condition in an Instagram post on Wednesday. The rapper and actor has been a vocal proponent of face masks and social distancing measures for months and has openly spoken about the number of people he knows that have died as a result of the pandemic.

"My friend [FRED THE GODSON] just passed away today from CORONAVIRUS complications," Ice-T tweeted back in April. "People that say this s— aint real should get punched in the face.. This is not a [f—in'] game. So far I personally know 6 people that have been Killed by this Virus. Just because YOU may not know anyone... Don't be stupid."